It’s a young and innovatory architecture practice, born from the collaboration of multi-disciplinary talents, passions and backgrounds, having in common the will of making design a synthesis of aesthetical excellence, functionality and environmental sustainability.


Based on the long entrepreneurial experience of the family business, ELEVENSTUDIO regards every project as a new and unique opportunity to challenge preconceptions and conventional ways to achieve perfectly tailored solutions, on the basis of the client’s desires and needs on one side and in view of a perfect integration within the environmental and cultural context on the other.


Personalization  Moving from the intimate conviction that architecture should be shaped by the wills and needs of its end users, we closely co-operate with our clients. Carefully listening. Anticipating. Challenging. Experimenting. Optimizing. Each project, regardless of its scale, is the result of a meticulous, in-depth design process, which is continuously reviewed, both formally and informally, by a group of professionals to develop a project responding to specific goal-yours.

Integration  Buildings tailored to their context, in terms of responsiveness to the character of a site and perfect integration within the surroundings, when creating new buildings, attention to a conservative restoration when dealing with redecoration works and finally, ability to exploit the peculiarities of every architecture, when designing interiors. 

Eco-sustainability  Environmental awareness is an integral part of the practice’s culture. ELEVENSTUDIO is committed to the use of materials and the choice of design solutions that make sustainable development their essence, ensuring the lowest possible use of resources and the reduction in CO2 emissions.

Innovation  A creative workshop where every architectural concept is explored, analyzed, redefined and regularly improved, within teams where our collaborators, coming from various disciplines of architecture and construction sciences (structural engineers, manufacturers, landscapes architects, architects, designers, artists) interact and stimulate cross-reasoning in a logic that gathers inventiveness and pragmatism to ensure a completely ad hoc projects, functionally efficient as much as visually compelling.